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Nursing Students in class Hybrid CNA program

Training th​e Ne​xt Generation of N​​urses

Our Mission

Welcome to Central Coast Nursing Institute (CCNI) in Santa Maria, California, home of the most promising nursing students. We are dedicated to providing exemplary education to equip students with the skills and knowledge they need to succeed.


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LVN Program

RN Program

Happy Nursing Students CNA Program

Meet the Founder

The founder of CCNI has been an ICU Registered Nurse in a busy urban trauma center for almost two decades.

She is a Central Coast native, born and raised in that region. After college, she came back to her hometown, the Central Coast became her peace and sanctuary. 

The Central Coast has helped her build a wonderful life and she now wants to give back to the community.

It is now our founding mission and vision to give back to the Central Coast and beyond, guiding future nurses with compassion, caring, and helping hands.

“Being a nurse saved my life. If I can help people learn a skill, get their independence, learn how to help others in meaningful, skilled, and compassionate ways… then that’s what I’m going to do.” – Jillian, CCNI Founder

Nursing school


Patients deserve top-notch care and treatment from the healthcare professionals looking after them. While the dream of becoming a nurse and providing quality care for patients is a laudable one, there are many challenges along the way that might discourage students. These include difficult and complicated admissions processes, tight competition, and inadequate education. Let us help you succeed.

Here at Central Coast Nursing Institute (CCNI), we are dedicated to providing exemplary education to equip aspiring nurses with the skills and knowledge they need in their future line of work. Our nursing school offers online and hybrid training for a more holistic and convenient learning experience.



At Central Coast Nursing Institute (CCNI), our end-to-end curriculum helps prepare future nurses so they can efficiently provide excellent patient care in any environment. Find out what’s in store for you and what your academic journey will look like with us. Classes can be taken online, or hybrid.

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